Sports and recreation

The hall is a part of sports and recreation center „6. August“, and is located on 520 meters above sea level in the upper part of city. It’s rich in content and is one of the better sports hall in this part of Serbia. Whitin’ the hall are: sports hall with a 1500 seats for indoor sports (basketball, handball, voleyball, soccer) , gym, indoor swimming polls (one olympic, one for swimmers training, and one for children), automated shooting, table tennis hall, sauna, footbal stadium with a grass pitch, trim.

Ski center „Rajkovo“ is located on 750 meters above sea level, and 4 kilometers away city center.It includes: two certified ski run lenght of 1200 meters and 1000 meters. Lift towing capacity 1000 skiers per hour and the current capacity of 350 real skis. / Hour.

Additional sport facailities in Majdanpek are: soccer stadium RFK Majdanpek with extra training area, with the stands – in the lower part of city. * Basketball court with bleachers - Majdanpek (Primary field "V. Markićević") - the city center,
* 3 gyms (two in the lower part of the city, in the elementary school "12 September" and the elementary school "V. Markićević", and one in the upper part Majdanpeka in the building of high school and technical school)
* Large Zaton Lake, 2 km from the city center, with opportunities for water sports.



Hotel "Lepenski Vir" was built as a resort-recreational sports. In accordance with that in the hotel and around it were built the following features:

* Half-olympic size swimming pool with a pool for children
* gym
* Fitness room with table tennis
* 2 saunas
* Automatic bowling
* Billiards
* 1 main football pitch with athletics track of the slag, which is illuminated by floodlights
* 3 additional soccer fields
* Facilities for sports (handball, volleyball, basketball and tennis on asphalt)
* Trim

Additional sports facilities in Donji Milanovac used for sports and competitive activities are:

* Tarmac sports courts with floodlights and stands on which to play a tournament, most notably "Pantelejmonski tournament" in early August
* Gym primary school "Vuk Karadzic"

Rudna Glava

In Chapter Rudna a complete offer related to outdoor sports in the form of courses and trails that are specifically made ​​for Rural Olympics which are held for 35 years in Rudna Chapter, and the participants were representatives of all villages in the municipality. The complex has:

* Football stadium with bleachers and lighting
* Volleyball
* Basketball Courts
* Handball and football
* Athletics track
* Fields for athletic events

Lepenski Vir - Donji Milanovac

Lepenski Vir - Donji Milanovac

Archaeological site Lepenski vir (Lepen Whirl) was discovered in 1965, on the very coast of the Danube. It is 15km far from Donji Milanovac. That was one of the most significant discoveries of...


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