Saint Nicola`s Church in Donji Milanovac


Saint Nicola`s Church in Donji Milanovac has moved three times together with the town. In 1840, Captain Misa Anastasijevic built the church on the old location. This church was flooded during the construction of hydroelectric Djerdap. Here, a new church was built, having valuable objects and remains of wall painting. The church has a 1st degree protection. It possesses the objects from the old church-gospel with enameled armature, silver cross from 1830, smaller gospel, silver goblet and four valuable icons from the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Lepenski Vir - Donji Milanovac

Lepenski Vir - Donji Milanovac

Archaeological site Lepenski vir (Lepen Whirl) was discovered in 1965, on the very coast of the Danube. It is 15km far from Donji Milanovac. That was one of the most significant discoveries of...


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